07/07/2014 09:00 am ET Updated Jul 07, 2014

9 Things To Do Daily For A Cleaner Home

Few things are more discouraging than walking into your house at the end of a busy week to find your home in shambles -- shoes overcrowding your foyer, half-opened mail scattered on the coffee table, dirty dishes in the sink, open toothpaste resting on your bathroom vanity, laundry overflowing in the hamper ... sound familiar?

Your home really never has to look this way, and the solution is far easier than you think. Trust us -- these tips were taken from the daily lives of HuffPost Home editors. We can confirm that the method below will keep your home in tip-top shape so nothing stands between you and a relaxing glass of wine after a long couple of days.

And if this list isn't enough to convince you, perhaps these beautiful spaces from our friends at Domino will do the trick.

  • 1 Make your bed every morning.
    This one is almost non-negotiable. Your room will look instantly cleaner and many say that making your bed sets a productive, organized tone for your entire day.
  • 2 Hang up and fold your towels after you bathe.
    There's a huge difference between a bathroom with folded towels neatly hanging on racks and one with towels haphazardly placed. Side note: it's also just gross to leave a damp towel crumpled on the floor all day. If you don't believe us, just give that linen a whiff. That's what mildew smells like.
  • 3 Clean your shower while you shower.
    Quickly rinsing the walls and door after each use helps avoid soap scum buildup, and investing in something as simple as a shower squeegee is well worth it to avoid deep cleaning often.
  • 4 Consider your dishwasher a storage unit.
    Don't even let dishes rest in the sink -- just rinse and put them directly in the dishwasher. And if you don't have one, be sure to clean dishes as you cook so that there's never more than two plates in your sink at a time.
  • 5 Create a "crap" basket.
    Pottery Barn
    Few people have time to neatly organize everything during the week, and who wants to spend their weekends putting away that random pair of pants that ended up in the kitchen? Purchase a pretty wicker basket that can double as an accent piece in any room and do a nightly sweep. Fill it with all the stuff that needs to be put away and voila! But here's the catch -- you actually have to put stuff away once the basket is filled. Pottery Barn Jacquelyne Angled Lidded Basket, $99
  • 6 Commit to an indoor mail box.
    Whether it's a large, shallow bowl on your hallway console table or a quirky organizer for your kitchen, have one place where all mail lives so paper doesn't pile up everywhere. Black metal coil dog mail organizer, Etsy.com
  • 7 And while on the subject of mail, enroll in every paperless option you can.
    Less mail = less paper on every single surface of your home = fewer piles of random paperwork you begrudgingly need to "go through."
  • 8 Spread out the heavy-duty chores over the course of many days.
    Instead of spending a few hours each weekend going at your home with rubber gloves and a bottle of Fantastik, pick one big(gish) chore to complete on different days. One editor spends as little time as possible on the following: vacuuming on Saturdays, washing laundry on Sundays, dusting on Mondays, cleaning her bathroom sink and mirror on Wednesdays, scrubbing her toilet on Thursdays and doing absolutely nothing on Fridays. Whatever works for you -- the goal here is to get into a routine.
  • 9 Divide and conquer.
    Hate vacuuming? Chances are that if you commit to being the home's official "toilet cleaner," your roommate will happily vacuum the abode.

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