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Sarah Palin Is Publicly Auditioning To Join 'The View'

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Sarah Palin is dropping subtle hints that she might want to be a panelist on "The View." And by "subtle hints," we mean that she is explicitly saying in an interview that she might want to be a panelist on "The View."*

The ABC show is undergoing an almost total overhaul, with every host but Whoopi Goldberg departing. That means that lots of replacements are needed.

Enter Palin. Asked by the Hollywood Reporter if she had any interest in doing a "political talk show," she replied, "I hear everyone recently got canned from 'The View,' maybe a show like that needs a punch of reality and a voice of reason from America's heartland to knock some humble sense into their scripts. You know, someone willing to go rogue."

It's that kind of slavish adherence to a well-worn catchphrase that could make Palin the perfect daytime talk show host. Moreover, with everyone from Rosie O'Donnell to Mario Cantone being touted as a possible new panelist, "The View" has a chance to really return to its delightfully bonkers roots. Just imagine a show co-hosted by Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie O'Donnell, Sarah Palin and Mario Cantone. JUST. IMAGINE. THAT.

*Note: Sarah Palin is not likely to join "The View" in real life, but it is fun to dream, no?

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