07/09/2014 08:48 am ET Updated Jul 22, 2014

R&B Singer KEM Gives Fans Behind-The-Scenes Look Into His Essence Festival Experience (PHOTOS)

Courtesy of KEM

Hello from the Essence Festival in New Orleans! I’m headed out of the Crescent City today to go to the studio to put the final touches on my new album, "Promise To Love," but first I wanted to share some photos with you to give you a behind-the-scenes look into my experience at the 20th Annual Essence Festival! I hope you enjoy them!

  • KEM Essence Music Festival Photo Diary
    "Throughout the weekend, Motown was promoting my "Promise To Love" album, so they were distributing KEM promotional items to fans and we saw KEM-branded materials everywhere. People also told me who or what they "Promise To Love," and they took photos with their promise."
  • KEM Essence Music Festival Photo Diary
    "The first thing on my schedule Thursday night was a 'Welcome to the Essence Festival' appearance at the House of Blues hosted by New Orleans’ R&B station, WYLD 98.5."
  • KEM Essence Music Festival Photo Diary
    "I made my rounds in the Convention Center on Friday, and made appearances on the Yolanda Adams Morning Show, on TV One’s News One Now with Roland Martin, at the Verizon stage, at the Ford Sirius/XM stage for an interview on Heart & Soul, with MSNBC’s the Grio, and at Radio Row. On my way there, I ran into Steve Harvey and TD Jakes. It was great to catch up with them."
  • KEM Essence Music Festival Photo Diary
    "His Purple Badness took the stage Friday night for the 30th anniversary of Purple Rain, and the fans – and the Superdome – sported purple for him. Prince is extraordinary."
  • KEM Essence Music Festival Photo Diary
    "Saturday morning, I performed at the McDonald’s 365 Black Awards. I performed Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” as part of a musical tribute to the Reverend Al Sharpton."
  • KEM Essence Music Festival Photo Diary
    "After the awards, I stopped by the Hyatt for an interview with Music Choice. On the way out of the hotel I saw a piano in the lobby, so I gave fans there an impromptu performance of 'Why Would You Stay.'"
  • KEM Essence Music Festival Photo Diary
    "We were then on our way back to the Convention Center for my performance at the McDonald’s Essence center stage, and we passed by Mother’s restaurant on our way. I had the driver stop so I could run over and take pictures with the fans waiting in the long line."
  • KEM Essence Music Festival Photo Diary
    "The crowd that gathered for my performance at the McDonald’s Essence stage was amazing…it seemed as if everyone in the whole Convention Center was there. When I took the stage, there was pure energy from the fans, which continued throughout the performance. I’m truly grateful to them for their support!"
  • KEM Essence Music Festival Photo Diary
    "That night we were able to catch my girl, Jill Scott, doing her thing on stage at the Superdome. She is SO bad!! We also went backstage to the VIP room and ran into some friends, and had interviews with and Madame Noire."
  • KEM Essence Music Festival Photo Diary
    "On Sunday morning, #TeamKEM and Motown hosted a brunch/listening session for my upcoming album, 'Promise To Love,' for tastemakers at a restaurant called Patois. We played the new music for the first time, and had a great meal…the food there is amazing! It was the perfect way to wrap up my visit."

This was my first visit to the Essence Festival in which I wasn’t performing at the Superdome, and it was a wonderful experience. To have the opportunity to perform at the McDonald’s Essence stage in front of the massive crowd there was nothing short of incredible. I can’t wait to do it again!


Check out more of KEM's Essence Music Festival visit in the slideshow below.

KEM's Essence Fest Photo Diary

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