This Street Performer's Near-Perfect 'Sultans Of Swing' Cover Is Proof That Brazil Will Get Past Its World Cup Defeat

07/10/2014 01:47 pm ET | Updated Jul 11, 2014

If anyone could get Brazil out of its current soccer-induced funk, we'd put our money on this guy.

A video of this guitar-totin' busker performing a rousing rendition of the Dire Straits classic "Sultans of Swing" in São Paulo has gone viral this week.

The cover is so delicious (scroll to 5:00 to listen to the street performer's epic solo) that a YouTuber said Wednesday that he "loved it so much I threw a handful of change at my computer and broke my display."

"Okay, enough World Cup Brasil memes," quipped another. "Here's a Brasilero just being awesome."

The video, first uploaded on July 5, has been viewed more than 108,000 times so far.

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