07/15/2014 06:13 pm ET | Updated Jul 15, 2014

Skydivers Perfectly Land Slip 'N Slide From 5,000 Feet

We've seen our share of impressive stunts, but this is definitely one for the books.

With summer heat in full effect in Arizona, skydivers Niklas Daniel and Brianne Thompson decided to cool off in a very unconventional way: by skydiving from an elevation of 5,000 feet straight into a Slip 'n Slide.

"The weather was very hot and we were trying to figure out a fun way to cool off in between jumps," Daniel tells Caters News. "It was a great way to end the day."

The perfectly landed, vertical descent straight into the Slip 'n Slide might have been tough to swallow if Daniel hadn't had the foresight to attach a GoPro to his helmet. Lucky for us he did, because this video from Caters News is one you need to see to believe.


Caught On Camera
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