07/18/2014 07:24 am ET Updated Jul 18, 2014

Go Ahead, Stare At Joaquin Phoenix's Forehead. Yup, You See It Now.

Joaquin Phoenix was memorably snubbed at last year's Oscars when he wasn't nominated for his wonderfully touching performance in "Her." The outrage! Only now, with this recently surfaced video (uploaded to YouTube in May), we can maybe understand why. It wasn't Phoenix who deserved an Oscar nod. It was Phoenix's forehead.

Take a close look at the video below to fully understand what a good method actor does. He grows a Furby on his face. If you need a little help spotting it, tilt your head to the left or turn your computer screen to the side.

You're welcome.

h/t Digg


Unintentionally Sexual Optical Illusions
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