AP Reminds Us Why Punctuation Really, Really Matters

07/23/2014 10:26 am 10:26:04 | Updated Jul 23, 2014

For the one zillionth time, punctuation matters.

And not using it correctly, as the Associated Press showed Wednesday, can be the difference between reporting a news story and reporting a global tragedy.

Here's what the AP meant to say:

But here's what it originally said:

The tweet came just moments after news broke of a Transasia Airways plane that made an emergency crash landing in Taiwan, killing 51 people and injuring seven.

The tweet set off a chain of horrified reactions:

UPDATE (11:50): AP addressed the error Wednesday, calling it a "poorly worded alert."

"This was an especially regrettable lapse that drew wide attention as Dutch families awaited the return of their loved ones’ remains," AP wrote.

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