07/28/2014 01:50 pm ET Updated Jul 30, 2014

A GoPro On A Spinning Car Wheel Makes For A Strangely Hypnotic Video

Still from Vimeo

Some day, they will say that GoPros are soooo 2014. Until then, we indulge in visions of the world through tiny cameras that can go nearly anywhere. Below, a hubcap's point of view, courtesy Ryan Fox. The University of Wisconsin student attached a camera to his car wheel while driving in the city one night. He used only duct tape, and kept a pace of 45 mph. The kaleidoscopic results -- which carry a whiff of 1980s sci-fi special effects -- make for one of the simplest and best GoPro videos out there.

Sketch Three: Avant-Garde (R.P.M. 2) from Ryan Fox on Vimeo.

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