08/01/2014 07:16 pm ET | Updated Aug 01, 2014

Best Teen Tweets Of The Week! (8/1/14)


Every week, we round up the best 140-character quips and insights from our esteemed blogging team -- and other equally awesome teen tweeters. Scroll down to read the latest batch and share your own suggestions by following @HuffPostTeen!

This week's tweets have been compiled by Justina Sharp. Justina is a 16-year-old fashion and entertainment blogger who splits her time between real life and Netflix.

morning thoughts: I wonder what gordo from lizzie mcguire is up to. where is he at. hope he doing okay.

— Ben J. Pierce (@BenJPierce) August 1, 2014

If you’re an astronaut and you don’t end every relationship by saying “look, I just need some space” then you’re wasting everyone’s time.

— AJR (@AJRBrothers) July 31, 2014

About to go to work where I have no internet access so if @zachbraff is trying to get in contact with me, he'll have to send a text.

— Bizzy Emerson (@bizzyems) July 31, 2014

u know when u wake up with an unexpected zit and it's like hey imma let u finish but my concealer had the best music video of all time

— Kami Baker (@Peeta_is_aBAKER) July 31, 2014

Just tried to kill a bee in my kitchen. And by kill I mean screaming as loudly as a human can in an attempt to make its head explode.

— Neel Swamy (@neel_swamy) July 30, 2014

"being a teenager means being obsessed with pizza" - the most accurate seven year old I've ever met

— Justina Sharp (@bentpieceofwire) July 30, 2014

god bless the people who upload tv shows to the internet

— anthony spears (@LOHANTHONY) July 29, 2014

Some teacher just asked me if I was the new teacher I should have said yes

— Shelbs (@notshelbs) July 29, 2014

Anytime I can't think of a name for a character I just use a member of One Direction as a placeholder. You laugh, but JK Rowling did too

— Kiley Roache (@KileyRoache) July 28, 2014

harry styles is a real person, what a beautiful time to be alive

— georgia-may (@SheeranTings) July 28, 2014

*Uses Hogwarts sorting hat to pick sorority*

— Kiley Roache (@KileyRoache) July 27, 2014

I want a destination wedding and I want the destination to be Beyonce's house

— Celeste (@celesteyim) July 14, 2014

i am going insane in japan just bought an iphone case covered in a very realistic serving of bacon and eggs

— Lorde (@lordemusic) July 26, 2014

Girl at fluff gave me the leftover almond croissant crumbs for free, what should I give her in return? My hello kitty sticker book? My soul?

— Emma McLaughlin (@pizzaree) July 30, 2014

don't let a weak eyebrow game day stand between you and happiness. #namaste

— Abigail Breslin (@yoabbaabba) July 30, 2014

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