Why This Gay Man Feels His Circumcision Left Him Sexually 'De-Sensitized'

08/01/2014 02:51 pm ET | Updated Feb 02, 2016

HuffPost Live tackled the controversial subject of circumcision this week, speaking with a panelist who was not only vehemently opposed to the practice but felt that it created additional struggles for him as a gay man.

"I believe that I’m de-sensitized," Brian Levitt, who was circumcised as an infant, said. "Most intact men don’t understand how it works ... being a gay man, I have [an] intimate understanding [of male anatomy, which is] something that straight men don’t get."

Noting that his earliest sexual experiences led him to "an understanding" of his body, Levitt added, "People are in denial as to what the loss is, and what the baby suffers."

Levitt, who is Jewish, said that he had made peace with his late father, who was a doctor, over the issue. Still, he said he continued to struggle with the rite of circumcision in the Jewish faith.

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