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Bill Nye Says Donating The Cost Of One Cup Of Coffee Could Help Find Aliens

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How much would you be willing to spend to find alien life? As Bill Nye explains in a new video, it might not cost you much more than a cup of java.

In the Big Think video, Nye, CEO of the Planetary Society, says that if each American taxpayer contributed the cost of just one cup of coffee, we’d be able to fund an exploratory mission to Europa — a Jupiter moon that some experts consider the likeliest place in our solar system to host extraterrestrial life.

“It would be extraordinary if there are living things there,” he says of Europa, which has more water than all of the Earth's oceans combined. “It would be a great. It would be a worthy thing.”

Nye and NASA scientists are attempting to convince Congress to spend $2 billion on a mission to Europa.

"It wouldn’t be the work of a guy like Galileo or Copernicus or Kepler... or Isaac Newton or Einstein," he says, referring to the discovery of extraterrestrial life. "It would be the work of all of us. It would be the work of all of us taxpayers and citizens of the Earth who participate in this," he said.

And if we do find alien life out there, he adds, it would “change the world.”

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