08/06/2014 12:42 pm ET | Updated Aug 07, 2014

McDonald's Is Trying Out A 60-Second Drive-Thru, And We're Lovin' It

One thing that can turn a Happy Meal into an unhappy experience? Waiting for forever at the McDonald's drive-thru.

But according to the Miami Herald, customers at 800 South Florida McDonald's will get to try the out the chain's limited edition, 60-second drive-thru experience.

Available from 12-1 p.m. every day until the end of September (with the exception of Miami, which ends in late August), customers will be given a timer after placing their order at the window. If they don't get their food before the timer, consumers are given a "Be Our Guest" meal voucher for a free sandwich. Sounds like fast food (and a good deal) to us.

First Tofu McNuggets and now this? The wait time in the drive-thru isn't exactly that long (except to your screaming toddler), but McDonald's said the 60-second promotion program "Supports our priority of providing an enjoyable lunch experience for customers in Florida."

Others speculate that McDonald's has "lost relevance" with consumers, so they're fighting back by any means possible to get their fan base back. Fingers crossed the promotion is a-go, and we no longer have to wait minutes upon minutes to get our arteries clogged full of greasy goodness.

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  • 1 #5) Melbourne, Australia
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