08/08/2014 05:08 pm ET Updated Aug 08, 2014

Police Officer Gets Pranked By Colleagues, With A Little Help From 4,000 Post-It Notes

Looks like someone's stuck on desk duty for awhile.

After 20 years of pranking his fellow officers in the Kansas City Police Department, Detective Stuart Littlefield was finally the victim of some payback on Tuesday. That's the day anonymous mischief-makers covered Littlefield's squad car in 4,000 Post-it notes -- just in time for his 50th birthday, WDAF reports.

And by covered, we mean covered:

Photos of the Post-it-covered vehicle resemble an art-study in pastels. The wheels, meanwhile, yell for attention, smothered in bright pink sticky notes.

"I have to say that I deserve this," Littlefield told WDAF. "I have always been the guy who stirs the pot within the unit. I'm the first to cause trouble."

Littlefield told Kansas City's WIBW that, so far, no one has fessed up to the prank. He added that whoever is responsible didn't carry out the joke while on duty and that the Post-It notes weren't paid for with any government money.



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