08/14/2014 03:52 am ET Updated Aug 14, 2014

New Zealand's Zephyrometer Sculpture Zapped By Lightning (VIDEO)

A landmark sculpture in Wellington, New Zealand was struck by lightning on Thursday in a scene caught on video.

The Wellington Zephyrometer, a 108-foot high sculpture with a needle that shows the direction of the wind, can be seen in the distance in the clip above. It's in the background behind the middle lamppost and is swinging upward just before the strike.

The video was posted on YouTube by Solomon Emet, who also got some up-close footage of the damaged sculpture after the lightning strike:

Why Wellington? posted before and after images on Twitter:

It's not clear if the 11-year-old sculpture, which is made of concrete, fiberglass and steel, can be repaired.

"It's looking pretty stuffed, according to our guys on the ground," a Wellington City Council spokesman told NZ Newswire.

(h/t TVNZ)


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