"Never Let It Die" Is The Anthem For The Creative Spark In All Of Us

08/15/2014 05:34 pm ET | Updated Aug 16, 2014

"You might think that you're ruined, you might think you're defeated / If you love what you're doing you've already succeeded."

We're all familiar with the trope of the struggling artist, down on his luck, dedicated to his work. But in George Watsky's "Never Let It Die," that artist isn't struggling -- he's defiant.

The song speaks to the creative magic in all of us, and how we should keep "pullin' rabbit from hat." Check out the hecka cool (and super catchy) video above. We'd hit replay, but are going to be too busy penning all the concertos and designing all the skyscrapers we've been motivated to create. Never let it die.

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