08/18/2014 07:00 am ET Updated Aug 18, 2014

9 Ways New York City Women Prep Their Skin For Fall

As the seasons change, so does our skin.

With autumn around the corner, it's time to reassess our beauty routines to make sure our warm-weather faces are still radiant come fall. The less humid weather may call for heavier moisturizers or conditioning lip treatments, and there are tons of other ways to prep your skin for the cooler days ahead.

That's why we took to the streets to see what the women of New York City, fresh-faced as ever, had to say about skincare. Find out the DIY powers of essential oils and quick at-home remedies for breakouts with these tips and tricks that will transform your beauty routine. As always, please consult a doctor with any skin issues and questions.

  • 1 Find A Loyal Moisturizer
    Raydene Salinas
    Lauren says: "I usually just wash my face once a day... I think the most important thing is to find a face moisturizer that you really like and to use it everyday."
    TRY THIS: Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash
  • 2 Give Up Your Vices
    Raydene Salinas
    Melissa says: "I always tell people to take off their makeup at night, moisturize and don't smoke -- that's what keeps my skin clear and glowy."
    TRY THIS: La Mer The Eye Balm Intense
  • 3 Avoid Touching Your Face
    Raydene Salinas
    Cipriana says: "You will be surprised how many things you touch and what bacteria and germs can affect the condition of your skin, leading to breakouts, so make sure to wash your hands."
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  • 4 Steep Your Tea For Undereye Bags...
    Raydene Salinas
    Dani says: "I steep the bag for a minute, let it cool a bit and then lay them right on my eyelids for a little while."
    TRY THIS: Lipton Black Tea
  • 5 Or For A Refreshing Mask
    Raydene Salinas
    Garam says: "You need green tea bags and rice paper -- that's it. Steep the green tea for five to ten minutes, wait for it to cool, soak the rice paper and then place the soaking paper on your face for five to seven minutes."
    TRY THIS: Bigelow Green Tea
  • 6 Try Olive Oil
    Raydene Salinas
    Chanangn says: "I just use my favorite kitchen product, olive oil, as a moisturizer. I use it on my face and all over my body as well."
    TRY THIS: Bragg Organic Olive Oil
  • 7 Invest In Your Skincare
    Raydene Salinas
    Nikayla says: "The nice face creams are better for your skin. Spending money on creams is a great investment and will help create healthier skin."
    TRY THIS: Dior Capture Totale Nurturing Rich Creme
  • 8 Take Care Of Your Insides, Too
    Raydene Salinas
    Viktoria says: "It's so important to drink a lot of water and eat healthy. If you don't do that, then it doesn't matter what products you use."
    TRY THIS: A glass of water
  • 9 Exfoliate And Moisturize At The Same Time
    Raydene Salinas
    Kassandra says: "It's a honey, brown sugar, lavender, vitamin E oil and olive oil scrub, and you don't even need any moisturizer after."
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