09/05/2012 08:02 am ET Updated Aug 21, 2014

Pretzel Desserts Have Perfected The Salty-Sweet Combination

Pretzels make a great snack, but that is not where their strength lies. Sure, they go great with a beer, but where they really shine is as an ingredient in the kitchen. Restaurants have been using them in place of bread crumbs for years, but we really like it when pretzels make their way into our desserts. Brownies, cookies, cupcakes, pretzels add great flavor and texture to all of them.

We'll always be fans of soft pretzels -- and all the things you can stuff in them -- but when it comes to desserts it's really about the hard, crunchy kind. Because it's not just the salt that contrasts with sweet desserts that make pretzels such a dream ingredient for baking, but the satisfying crunch too.

Give it a try -- your desserts will thank you.

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