08/27/2014 10:26 am ET | Updated Aug 28, 2014

This 2-Year-Old's Ice Bucket Video Is The Last One To See, Folks

You've probably had enough of all those ice bucket challenge videos by now, but this one really takes the cake.

In the video uploaded to YouTube Monday, a two-year-old girl with a delicious English accent lists off her nominations for the ice bucket challenge -- did we hear Adele in there? -- then grimaces before the coming waterfall of ice-cold water.

As she manages to recover from the chilly experience, she stands up and slips out a loud "Fookin 'ell!" like a tiny disgruntled soccer hooligan.

We're only slightly embarrassed to admit it, but children swearing never gets old. "Here for comedic value, not for parental awareness," wrote the uploader, who apparently agrees. "Get over it."

Watch the video above for 23 seconds of pure, small, foul-mouthed hilarity.

[h/t Gawker]


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