08/26/2014 09:02 am ET | Updated Aug 26, 2014

These Photos Of Impossible Dance Moves Prove Movement Is Art

Meet Rauf Yasit, aka Rubber Legz. It's not difficult to see where the nickname comes from. The professional dancer has made quite a name for himself by contorting his limbs into seemingly impossible positions, testing the limits of the human body all in the name of dance.

According to Instagram, Yasit is the son of a Kurdish folk dance instructor who fell in love with breakdancing as a pre-teen. Combining aspects of acrobatics, yoga and beatboxing, he's currently touring with Flying Steps, a Berlin-based dance crew.

We recently stumbled upon Yasit's amazing Instagram account, where he showcases much of his epic flexibility. Behold, the mesmerizing body art of Rubber Legz:


Ballet in Brazil
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