08/27/2014 02:03 pm ET | Updated Aug 27, 2014

This Guy Believes The Roof Is A Perfect Place For A Dance Party

Sometimes, you hear a beat, and you just want to bust a move.

In this video, when roofer Andrew Wilcox hears some dancey, Latin music in the middle of a roofing job with his brother, he begins to move to the beat. Soon, his brother follows suit.

Below the video, Wilcox writes of his fondness for Latin American culture. "It's only natural that when the radio plays those Latino tunes my hips start to sway," he goes on to say.

We totally get it. This song is too catchy not to boogie down to it. But we also recognize that he's still, you know, on a roof. So don't try this at home, people!

h/t Daily Picks and Flicks


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