The One Thing You Should Never Say If You Want A Stress-Free Labor Day Party

08/30/2014 08:00 am ET

If there is one place where would-be hosts are likely to screw up their party before it even begins, it's answering this question: "What can I bring to the party?"

According to my bureau of made up statistics based purely on observation, most hosts will say "Nothing!" or "Whatever you want," then go back to an overly ambitious list that nearly guarantees burnout. Then, once at the party, the host will then watch over the food like a hawk, which is not high on the list of fun activities. Meanwhile, guests will either have brought nothing, or have each brought a bottle of wine.

Instead, be utterly and completely honest -- and make a (realistic) list well in advance. The video above reinforces this stress-reducing idea, plus reminds you of other ways to save your sanity when planning your Labor Day party.

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