09/01/2014 08:43 am ET Updated Sep 10, 2014

19 Reasons You Should Be Happy That Summer Is Ending

Summer, we've had enough. Here's why we're looking forward to Fall this year.

  • 1 Let's start with the obvious: no more unbearable heat!
    Your skittles will be safe from now on.
  • 2 So you won't constantly find yourself covered in sweat...
    Seriously, where does it all come from?
  • 3 ... Or have to put up with those awkward tan lines.
    SPF? More like WTF.
  • 4 So long, beach body season! Hello, Netflix body season!
  • 5 People will stop judging your toes and feet.
    Pedicures? Please. Not when it's boot season.
  • 6 No more trying to find the only shady spot on the street.
  • 7 You'll finally be free from the endless cycle of buying and losing sunglasses.
  • 8 And the tyranny of expensive iced coffee.
    Cold brew's great, but why is it $3 more?
  • 9 Your weekends will no longer be dominated by weddings...
    Your wallet and vacation days rejoice!
  • 10 And public places will no longer be dominated by children.
    So long, kiddos!
  • 12 You can finally sleep under a big comforter again.
    How comforting.
  • 13 ... And stop paying those expensive cooling bills.
    Later, AC!
  • 14 The temptation to eat ice cream for every meal will slowly dissipate.
    Yes, even breakfast.
  • 15 You'll have fewer people pressuring you to do outdoorsy stuff.
  • 16 ... Like watch movies outside, instead of in your comfy home.
    Can it be fun? Yes. Can it also be humid/buggy/loud/crowded? Yes.
  • 17 Plus, all your favorite TV shows are coming back!
    Better start catching up.
  • 18 And all the pretty leaves!
    Just make sure you learn to say "Foliage" correctly.
  • 19 The truth is, Fall is just a lot more ~chill~.
    Two words: Hoodie season.


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