10/18/2012 09:20 am ET | Updated Dec 22, 2014

30 Incredible Desserts To Make With Cookie Butter, The World's Most Addictive Spread

Biscoff, a brand of traditional Belgian cookie, makes a cinnamon-y, gingersnap-type cookie known by many as the airline cookie. Delta hands out millions of these cookies. A few years back, this cookie was translated into a sweet spread good enough to rival peanut butter and Nutella. Now you probably know the spread as cookie butter and buy it by the cartload at Trader Joe's. (And if you're anything like us, you have trouble not spooning it straight into your mouth, half a jarful at a time.)

Not only is this spread delicious, but it has also meant lots of good things for desserts. Cookie butter makes it easy to add Biscoff's addictive flavor into pies, milk shakes and even boozy floats. Check out our favorite recipes below, and get baking.

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Big Cookie Recipe Collection