15 Slow Cooker Oatmeals And Healthy Breakfasts To Prep Overnight

12/19/2014 07:00 am ET | Updated Jan 07, 2015

A daily ritual of breakfast in bed is a long-shot wish: You might be able to swing it if you've got buckets of money and a crumb catcher built into your sheets.

The next-best thing? A healthy breakfast, more elaborate than a bowl of cereal or a sad granola bar, all ready for you as you groggily wake. A meal that'll lure you out of bed with its aroma alone. A kitchen overflowing with the scent of hot breakfast even before your alarm goes off. This is all possible.

With a tiny bit of prep work the night before, you can have anything from a piping hot serving of lavishly accessorized breakfast quinoa from the slow cooker to carrot cake overnight oats come morning . You'll hardly have to lift a finger -- just a spoon -- to enjoy a breakfast fit for a king.

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