40 Side-By-Side Photos Of Parents And Kids That Will Have You Seeing Double

01/06/2015 12:33 pm ET | Updated Dec 30, 2015

It shouldn't be surprising when babies look like their biological parents. But sometimes, seeing the resemblance in real life is downright uncanny. Members of the HuffPost Parents community shared photos of their kids, paired with images of themselves when they were the same age -- and they have us doing double takes.

That apple, it doesn't fall far from the tree.

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    Corin Kane
  • My husband and my son
  • My son on the left and me on the right. Both about 1.5 years.
  • I'm on the left, my daughter on the right
  • My husband and son-both at 5 months!
  • My son on the left at 5 months and me on the right at 5 months.
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    Ashley L'Herault Peters
  • Me at age 8, my daughter at age 8. 1984 vs. 2014
  • My newborn photo, and my daughter when she was 10 days old (taken this past Mother's Day, no less! :))
  • My daughter and I at 2yrs old!
  • My son and I
  • My Mom and I from first grade.
  • My son at (almost) 16 and my husband at 17.
  • My husband and my youngest child
  • Me on the left & my daughter, Mabel on the right- both at 11 months.
  • My son on the left and me on the right
  • My husband & our daughter
  • My mom, me, my daughter age 2
  • 18
  • My husband at age 5 on the right and our 4 year old daughter on the left. Twinsies!
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    Melanie Gates
  • Here is a picture of my daughter and I side by side. Both of us are 2-days old. I am on the left, she's on the right :)
  • 20
    Trang Nguyen
  • Mom: Trang Nguyen Daughter: Savanh
  • 21
    Sarah Knott
  • First photo is of my mom and I, same age (1yr) , same dress.
  • 22
  • Father & Daughter
  • 23
    Courtney Davis Walker
  • Me and my son Nathan!
  • 24
    Jen Craven
  • My husband and daughter at 2 months.
  • 25
    Amanda Ruch
  • Here is a side by side of my mom holding me back in 1983 and then one of her holding my son Nicholas last year in 2013! We couldn't get over how similar the whole thing looked and it wasn't a set up picture!
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    Sara Larkin
  • Myself and our daughter, Hannah.
  • 27
    Sara Larkin
  • Jason, and our son, Wesley
  • 28
    Elizabeth Edwards
  • I couldn't resist sharing photos of our little chameleon daughter... Depending on how she holds her face, she can look just like me or her father
  • 29
    Angelique Mean
  • Me, Angelique on the left, Evangeline on the right.
  • 30
    Erin Amerling
  • This is my daughter and myself.
    Mother and daughter
    Picture of me and my son at 5 months
    Son and mom
    I (mom) am on the left and my son Maxwell is on the right! We are roughly the same age in these photos and always getting comments that we are definitely related.
    Daddy on the left, baby in the center and mommy on the right!
    Mom and Baby I look like him, but in a dress ;)
    Mom and daughter
    I'm on the left, my son is on the right.
    My daughter Brynn and I both at 6 months.

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