News Anchors Crack Up Over 'De-Sheeting' Toilet Paper Report

02/04/2015 02:23 pm ET | Updated Feb 04, 2015

If you get a kick out of the term "de-sheeting," you're not alone. The WGN morning news anchors in Chicago completely lost it while talking about toilet paper Tuesday.

While reading a segment about toilet paper companies cutting back on sheet size, WGN's Robin Baumgarten started laughing when she said "de-sheeting." The rest of the news team cracked up as well, making jokes about having a "bad case of that a few weeks ago."

"Just hold on! They're narrowing the ..." Baumgarten continued, before bursting into laughter again. “It is too bad that the 14-year-old boys have had to go to school today,” anchor Larry Potash joked.

The Washington Post reported last month that toilet paper rolls have been quietly shrinking. Some toilet paper companies, like Charmin and Scott, have reduced the size of individual sheets -- once 4.5 inches long and 4.5 inches wide -- to 4 inches, keeping the width the same in order to make a bigger profit.

De-sheeting is a very real thing. Are you laughing yet?

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