Pantsless Ivan Ozerov Searches For Soup Behind Wall, Finds Internet Fame (NSFW)

02/18/2015 03:45 pm ET | Updated Feb 18, 2015

Yes, that's a butt. Please get over it. The owner of that pasty posterior has a story to tell.

The story, as reported by the Austrian Time,s holds that Ivan Ozerov, "a boozed up Russian man" smelled soup and went searching for it in a ventilation shaft, then got stuck behind a wall.

Although a fire crew rescued him unharmed, Ozerov's freedom cost him his pants and his dignity.

The rescue team deemed the 14-inch-wide shaft "not suitable for an adult," so they wacked the wall with sledgehammers until they were able to extract the man feet-first.

The incident reportedly happened in the Russian city of Barnaul in western Siberia, although there's an outside chance it may have really occurred in neighboring Bulshytistan.

(h/t Gawker via Arboath)

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