17 Vegan Instagram Accounts You Should Definitely Be Following

02/20/2015 07:00 am ET | Updated Feb 24, 2015

Instagram is overloaded with cute dogs, cute babies and cute babies crawling with cute dogs, but we're really in it for the food.

With the flick of a screen, you might be able to decide the restaurant at which you'll be celebrating your birthday. In a couple of seconds you might conclude, "Why yes, I really do want chocolate right now." And you might be inspired by a recipe and end up falling in love with a dish totally new to you.

There are tons (tons!) of niche Instagrammers with specialized diets, from #paleo to #raw to #glutenfree, but today we're looking at the #vegan accounts that really stick out. This collection of 5-star food photographers will get you in the mood to whip up something tasty, clean and possibly green.

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