13 Metro Stations That Are Works Of Art

02/20/2015 08:00 am ET | Updated Feb 25, 2015

While cities may look different from each other at ground level, they're way different once you get underground.

It's mind-boggling to imagine your commute on one of the world's major subway systems, whether it's through St. Petersburg's tricked-out stations or in Stockholm, where the tunnels are basically art museums.

We asked readers to share their best shots of subways around the world -- and we must say, these stations are sleeker than we even imagined. (Can we step up our game, NYC?)

Take a look, take a ticket, and enjoy the virtual ride on subways 'round the world. Did we miss a shot? Tag your metro pics #huffpostgram to share with us.

  • shackette / Instagram
    Bur Juman Metro, Dubai
  • bluemoanin / Instagram
    Napoli, Italy
  • megaliyanti / Instagram
    Westfriedhof, Munich
  • andreasfogpetersen / Instagram
    Budapest, Hungary
  • ibrahimturmis / Instagram
    Elektrozavodskaya Metro Station in Moscow, Russia
  • andrebakos / Instagram
    Stockholm, Sweden
  • exil_et_royaume / Instagram
    Helsinki, Finland
  • remosteen / Instagram
    Copenhagen, Denmark
  • dylanpvris / Instagram
    Paris, France
  • thepraguegirl / Instagram
    Prague, Czech Republic
  • spencerlz / Instagram
    Shanghai, China
  • hagow / Instagram
    Toronto, Canada
  • edwardkb / Instagram
    Taipei City, Taiwan

World's Coolest Subways
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