Healthy Breakfast Porridge Recipes To Start The Day Off Right

02/23/2015 07:47 am ET | Updated Feb 23, 2015

Porridge has a bad rap. Over the years it's become synonymous with gruel. Gruel -- which is basically just a watered down porridge -- always suggests something gray, bland and terrible. Porridge, however, is none of those things. When made with care, porridge makes a healthy, colorful breakfast bowl that you'll never get sick of eating.

Millet, amaranth, oats and even quinoa are some of the healthy grains being used to make porridge these days. The grains are flavored with almond and coconut milk; topped with fresh fruit, crunchy nuts and sometimes even peanut butter. These whole-grain bowls are so good, you're going to want to eat them for every meal of the day. (And you know what? You absolutely can.)

Here are 13 beautiful -- and healthy -- recipes to get you started.

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