Listen To Ed Sheeran Read The Weather In The Most Ed Sheeran Way Possible

02/24/2015 04:34 pm ET | Updated Feb 24, 2015
Owen Sweeney/Invision/AP

Ed Sheeran has used his voice to nab Grammy nominations and release albums that debuted on the Billboard 200 chart. Now, he’s using it to deliver the forecast.

As a co-host on Nick Grimshaw's BBC Radio 1 show, Ed gave listeners a weather report warning them of the cold weather and hilariously advising them to use lip balm. The singer also suggested appropriate footwear.

"Also there is a chance that you will step in a puddle today, so please do not wear slippers outside," he said.

It might not be too cold outside for angels to fly, but Ed is still looking out for you.

Listen to the entire forecast below.

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