New Facebook Ad Reminds Us How Important Best Friends Really Are

02/26/2015 05:25 pm ET | Updated Feb 26, 2015

“It started with secret languages, some without words."

So begins Facebook's new advertisement that shows the importance of friendship throughout all stages of life. Published on Feb. 13, the ad is one of three 60-second commercials created by Facebook.

The ad shows all different types of best friends from teenage girls laughing to young women dancing. It features the different stages of friendships women go through between learning how to kiss and even the darker, harder times when we need our best friends the most.

"They are the faces in our photos," the voiceover says. "The handwriting that we know by heart. Silver linings and good luck charms. Fellow life planners and re-planners." They are our irreplaceable best friends.

Check out the full commercial below.

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