03/03/2015 05:20 pm ET | Updated Mar 04, 2015

After Court-Clearing Brawl, Basketball Player Shows He's Actually Human

Is it basketball, or basketbrawl?

In Spain's ACB League, after a Sunday game between Laboral Kutxa and Bilbao Basket devolved into an all-out court-clearing fight, the answer is surprisingly murky.

The only slightly redeeming act here is Laboral Kutxa player Tornike Shengelia checking on a frightened child whose court-side seats ended up putting him a little too close to the action. (We say this was slightly because Shengelia's punches helped escalate the ordeal in the first place.)

The Mirror reports all but eight of the players were ejected from the game following the altercation.

Bilbao won 93-75.


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