03/04/2015 03:42 pm ET | Updated Mar 04, 2015

Dad Teaches Baby To Surf, And She Instantly Becomes A Pro

You're never too young to learn how to ride the waves.

Kristofer Strong, of Clearwater, Florida, decided to teach his 7-month-old daughter, Madison, how to surf -- on the safety of his own carpet, that is.

"[My wife] Jennifer and I have always made every effort to go the beach; it's become a second home for us," Strong told The Huffington Post. "Madison, being born in Clearwater, naturally has sand and saltwater in her veins. At only 7 months, she's still learning life lessons, and becoming a beach bum baby is one of them."

Well, our day is officially made.


  • 1
    Carrie Osburn
    Camren and Connor
  • 2
    Joanna Good
    "I too tired go to my bed!" She wailed, and was out within a minute.
  • 3
    Amanda Koch
  • 4
    Alyson Barrett
  • 5
    Stephanie Helms
  • 6
    Kailey Bozarth
  • 7
    Teri Greene
    My now almost 11 year old with her PawPaw who isn't with us anymore. He sat like that with her all night she had bad gas as a baby and her tummy was hurting. Lying like that seemed to help so he rocked her all night. One of my favorite pictures of my daddy and my baby.
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    Damon Dahlen/Huffington Post
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    Jorgine Burciaga Llanes
  • 10
    Tara Atreyu Peters
  • 11
    Molly Horner DeCaro
    Connor and mommy
  • 12
    Maria Ahmad
  • 13
    Oh you want to pee mom? I'll just lay down right here in the bathroom door then and... Zzzzzzzzz
  • 14
    Amy Poff
  • 15
    Kristen Edwards
    My beautiful Amelia
  • 16
    Stacey Jones
  • 17
    Paulina Littlefield
    Bed sharing with our little girl.
  • 18
    Sarah- Jane McNalley
    Our Henry picks out shoes every night to wear to sleep. His Thomas the Train boots are his favorite!
  • 19
    Lisa Hinton
    He is always dreaming of sweet things
  • 20
    Abrill Ana
    Matilda Liliana Riley
  • 21
    Heather Montgomery
    18 month old twin boys
  • 22
    Desi Sneddon
  • 23
    Amber Caudill
    His dad sleeps the same way.
  • 24
    Rachel Swim Campbell
    Big sister and baby brother in the mirror. They have the same pout...even when sleeping lol.
  • 25
    Rachel Beranich
    Charlotte at 11 weeks old sleeping while in the NICU.
  • 26
    Amanda Burden
    Brady fell asleep before dessert on our cruise to the Bahamas!
  • 27
    Molly Horner DeCaro
    Connor and his daddy!
  • 28
    Laura Walsh
    Grandpa snuggles
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    Holly Christine Leary
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    Jojo Oliva-Urosevic