03/04/2015 04:38 pm ET | Updated Mar 04, 2015

Etti-Cat, The O.G. Of Cat Memes, Is Here To Teach You Some Manners

Grumpy Cat’s not going to be happy about this.

Gothamist published a series of photos Tuesday featuring an adorable feline who starred in New York City subway etiquette posters in the 1960s.

Etti-Cat (get it!?!?!) had a much better grasp of the English language than the LOLcats of today.





Plus, Etti-Cat wasn’t perfect — even the spokeskitty for good behavior made mistakes sometimes:

etticat 1

TL;DR: Don't vandalize things.

Etti-Cat also appeared in a 1965 book called “The Courtesy Cat” that touched on general manners. Blogger Mew Mew Munchy Toe (we’re guessing that’s a pseudonym) got her paws on a copy of The Courtesy Cat and found all sorts of other useful tips. “Be easy to get along with,” Etti-Cat advises. “I get along with Ginger, the dog, even though I am a cat.”

While we, perhaps incorrectly, assumed the cat superstars of today would feel threatened by Etti-Cat’s charm, eloquence, and cool demeanor, at least one famous feline appears to be a fan. In 2011, Morris the Cat posed a trivia question about Etti-Cat to his fans, noting “I am always one for manners.”

The original Etti-Cat posters can be seen at the New York City Transit Museum, where a presentation on the history of subway etiquette will be held on March 10.



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