Traffic Reporter Orders McDonald's On Air Instead Of Reporting Traffic

03/10/2015 02:11 pm ET | Updated Mar 10, 2015

Well, it was a live feed.

A traffic reporter for Fox 45 in Baltimore was supposed to be reporting road conditions Thursday, but got caught on the air ordering at a McDonald's drive-thru.

In the hilariously surreal video above, in-studio reporter Candace Dold hands off to Traffic Jam Jimmy, whose first words are: "Hey, is it too early to get a fish sandwich?"

It gets nuttier from there. Jimmy explains that he's starving, briefly warns viewers to stay home and tries to get his order straightened out while Dold tries to roll with it.

OK, an Egg McMuffin and black coffee it is, Jimmy.

The traffic guy seems to be enjoying his viral celebrity from the clip, writing about the coverage on his Facebook page.

H/T AdWeek

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