Of Course Kanye's Ode To Kim Is Called 'Awesome'

03/11/2015 03:38 pm ET | Updated Mar 12, 2015
Marc Piasecki via Getty Images

Of course Kanye West wrote a song dedicated to his now-wife Kim Kardashian and called it "Awesome."

When you listen, you might find yourself alternating between rolling your eyes and actually melting a bit, because West sounds like a pretty romantic dude. A few choice lyrics include this:

"Why did you ever listen to/People trying to hate on you/At least you know that's nothing new."

And this:

"You look too good to be at work/ You feel too good to ever hurt/ I hope you ready for tonight/I'm gon cook, you'll be dessert."

And this:

"I know you must be tired/ From running through my mind/ Can I come inside?/ Cause baby you're awesome/ Also, I'm also awesome, also/ I'm also awesome."

And assuming this is definitely a song about Kim Kardashian, there's also a lyric calling out her manager and mom, Kris Jenner:

"You don't need to listen to your manager/You're way too hot for them to handle you."

All in all, it's way better than "Perfect Bitch."

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