03/12/2015 01:05 pm ET | Updated Mar 12, 2015

Fifth Harmony's Touching Words For The Transgender Community

Two weeks ago, Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello posted a photo on Instagram of herself with a transgender fan who renamed herself after the singer. Now, the whole group is opening up about supporting the transgender community and encouraging others to stay true to themselves.

In a video from MTV, the singers look back on talking with Camila Joe, the fan who told Camila she inspired her to transition.

“She was just so beautiful, and there was just such a light about her,” Camila said in the video.

After Camila posted about it, the group heard from other transgender fans about how the girls helped them learn to love themselves, which is exactly what Fifth Harmony encourages.

“The number one thing that we try to promote is to be who you are and to love who you are no matter what that means,” Lauren Jauregui said.

The singers want to spread this message of self-acceptance to their fans, especially to those who might be afraid of transitioning for fear of being rejected by friends and family. There is a supportive community out there for them that doesn't just include Fifth Harmony.

"There are people out there that are open to it and that want you to love yourself," Camila said.

Though they had no idea how influential they would be before forming Fifth Harmony, the girls now want to put their fame to good use. For Normani Hamilton, being in such a position is the perfect way to make a difference.

“We went into ‘X-Factor.’ We didn’t even know each other. We didn’t even know what we would become. But to be able to have, you know, the platform that we do have we want to just use it for the better and really help change the world for good.”


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  • 1 Dinah Hansen, 16
    growing up I always had my my hair covering my face.. I would find every reason to cover the scars on my face becs of my insecurities of being unpretty and not accepted .. but today I have accepted the fact that I don't have perfect skin, that my polynesian hair will never be naturally tamed, that I might not be the prettiest girl but I realized that true beauty is whats inside and accepting myself for who I am.. and finding my inner strength to leave the house without make up and learning that nobody's perfect #unprettyMonday
  • 2 Lauren Jauregui, 17
    Sometimes my cheeks are too red and I get embarrassed. Sometimes I don't like my nose, or my hair, or my body, or anything for that matter. I used to be so insecure about every piece of myself and as I've grown up and gotten to experience the fact that I'm not the only girl in the world who feels that way, I've learned that loving yourself is worth your time. There are days that its hard and there are days you may feel awful because you will never look like that person, think like that person, be like that person, but always keep in mind that that person will never be you. #unprettymonday #youdontneedthemakeup #beconfident
  • 3 Ally Brooke, 20
    #UnprettyMonday What makes YOU beautiful is not being afraid or ashamed of who you are and showing your personality!
  • 4 Camila Cabello, 16
    #unprettymondaybutwhocaresabouteveryonesideaofpretty #ihatemycrookedteethbutmaybeitstimeiembracethemyou #shoulddothesame im saying we might as well embrace our physical imperfections, because what's inside is more important someday we'll all be wrinkly anyway
  • 5 Normani Kordei, 17
    #unprettymonday I always thought that I was okay & not the most beautiful girl there was. I use to get teased about my eyebrows and how thick they were. But this flaw has become my greatest asset and I take pride in them. You came into this world without makeup which is just the way God created you. As much make-up, extensions, plastic surgery you get it's irrelevant without believing that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL 💕 #beautystartsfromwithinFollow