This Emoji Keyboard Will Make You Forget You Ever Used The Alphabet

03/13/2015 01:02 pm ET | Updated Mar 13, 2015

No more words. Ever. Letters are about to become obsolete, thanks to the new Kickstarter campaign for The Emoji Keyboard.

The keyboard is actually a keyboard cover, which comes with software for typing emoji on your computer -- just like you would type letters. This is what it looks like:

emoji keyboard

(Credit: Kickstarter)

The group behind the Emoji Keyboard is Disk Cactus, an art and technology studio based in Oakland, California. They're looking to raise $20,000 by April 9, 2015.

The keyboard features "over 150 emoji," but there are 722 emoji in the world, according to Emojipedia. Which emoji did they leave out?!

(Credit: Kickstarter)

You can switch between your regular, boring keyboard and the emoji keyboard by pushing caps lock. You can also use the shift, option and control keys to get more emoji options.

The emoji keyboard cover is made for Mac keyboards only and comes in two sizes: one for a standard Mac keyboard and one for an 11-inch MacBook Air. (Sorry, non-Mac users.) If you pledge at least $10, you'll get a keyboard cover and the software that makes it work.

emoji keyboard

(Credit: Kickstarter)

If only I had this keyboard now. I would just type "heart, computer, smiley face, dollar sign, cake" instead of all of these stupid words. What a time saver!

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