03/16/2015 07:59 am ET | Updated Mar 16, 2015

Chicken Breast Recipes That'll Mix Up Your Boring Dinner Routine

Handle The Heat

Despite chicken breast's popularity, it's often known as one of the most boring things to eat. A single sauteed chicken breast is not decadent like fried chicken. And it's not impressive like roasted chicken. Instead, chicken breast is usually dry, completely devoid of flavor and about as exciting as eating a piece of cardboard. This is partly because chicken breast is all white meat, and partly because there's no bone to keep everything moist. But it's mostly because most people don't know how to cook chicken breast.

When making chicken breast it's important not to overcook it; definitely don't skimp on flavorings like spices and herbs, and absolutely keep it interesting with new recipes and ideas. Not sure how to do that? These 25 recipes will show you the way. And they'll make your dinners something to look forward to again.

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Chicken Recipes