5 Ways Guys Can Dress In '60s Styles In 2015

03/17/2015 08:44 am ET | Updated Mar 17, 2015

While women in the 1960s were wearing mini skirts, fringe and itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikinis, the fellas were making a few far out fashion statements of their own. Runway-worthy prints, tailored-to-perfection suits and dapper sportswear were all the rage in menswear.

Fast forward 50 years and those same ensembles will look just has sharp. To prove it, we've recreated a few stylish outfits with items you can buy today. Groovy, right? Check them out below.

Go Big Blue!

60s style

60's: Blue cardigan

Superior Stripes

60s style

60's: Striped Jackets

Casual And Oh-So-Cool

60s style

60's: Short-sleeve Button down shirts

Jacket Required

60s style

60's: Tweed jacket

Tennis Whites Are Always Right

60s style

60's: Tennis look


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