03/18/2015 12:00 pm ET

Miles Teller Shows Off His Stellar Six-Pack On 'The Tonight Show'

Kevin Winter via Getty Images

Simply put, Miles Teller is jacked these days.

The "Whiplash" star revealed his transformation from dapper movie star to dapper movie star with a six-pack on Monday's "Tonight Show." That beefiness is for Teller's role as champion boxer Vinny Pazienza, who was involved in a near-fatal car crash but rebounded for an incredible comeback in the early '90s. Jimmy Fallon showed off before and after shots of the 28-year-old actor, who also "[took] a long time" to grow a mustache for "Bleed for This." The movie, co-starring Katey Sagal and Aaron Eckhart, is slated for a 2015 release. Check out the transformation, which seems like just the right tempo for Teller, in the clip below.


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