Dayton's Dyshawn Pierre Gets Pantsed On National TV, Reacts Like A Pro

03/19/2015 10:32 am ET | Updated Mar 19, 2015

Few things could be more embarrassing than losing your shorts on national TV, but Dayton's Dyshawn Pierre handled the situation with aplomb Wednesday in the NCAA Tournament.

In a play-in game against Boise State, Pierre accidentally got pantsed by contact with a teammate on a rebound attempt. Thankfully dressed in compression underwear, Pierre quickly pulled up his shorts and dribbled upcourt.

Well played.

One Twitter user screen-grabbed the reaction of some cheerleaders and band members.

Hey, if this were a middle school game, it could have been a lot worse.

"Crazy play," Dayton coach Archie Miller told ESPN. "Crazy."

Dayton won the game 56-55, incidentally, with Pierre playing all 40 minutes to record 9 points and 6 rebounds.

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