03/20/2015 01:41 pm ET | Updated Mar 20, 2015

18 Gender-Neutral Nurseries You Don't Have To Be A Designer To Pull Off

When decorating nurseries today, many parents opt to stay away from the traditional pinks and blues and go for a more gender-neutral look -- either because they chose not to learn the sex of the baby ahead of time or because they prefer to avoid the stereotypical color schemes.

Interior designer Susie Kurkowski recommends playing around with the wall colors in gender-neutral nurseries. "Using a single pastel tone throughout the room is just not a visually interesting approach" she told The Huffington Post. Kurkowski suggested using a neutral base and a colorful accent wall, experimenting with stripes, or even decorating with wallpaper. She also recommends incorporating "bright color pops" in accents throughout the room.

We asked the HuffPost Parents Facebook community for photos of their own gender-neutral nurseries and put together a compilation of gorgeous standouts.

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    Healy Ikonomou
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    Christine Mangiamele
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    Liz Bullis
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    Tanya Harding
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    Annie Oakley
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    Danielle Kemp
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    Ana Ogle
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    Kristin Sun
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    Rebecca Titus Smith
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    Amber Gabriel
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    Katie Mitchell
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    Leyda Vanessa Campbell-Mount
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    Amanda Cross
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    Jessica Attere
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    Julia Vlahos
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    Tiffany Furniss
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    Annabelle Khoo


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