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18 Important 'X-Files' Episodes You Need To Stream On Netflix Right Now

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The truth isn't out there. It's on Netflix.

"X-Files" is officially coming back, and it's bringing David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson along with it. The series, which ran for nine seasons, spawned two movies and had a massive cult following, will return for six special episodes on Fox. As far as what to expect, EW.com reports comments from series creator Chris Carter suggest the episodes will be more focused on the standalone "Monster-of-the-Week" format rather than playing into the series' overall "Mythology" storylines.

It has been 13 years since the show went off the air. After all that time, even Scully and Mulder would probably need a refresher. In honor, of "X-Files" coming back, here are the 18 "Mythology" and standalone "Monster" episodes you need to catch up on:

  • 1 "Pilot" - Season 1, Episode 1 - Mythology
    Dana Scully meets Fox Mulder, and there are some cool shout outs to Steven Spielberg.
  • 2 "Ice" - Season 1, Episode 8 - Monster
    Mulder and Scully face off with primordial ice worms that cause bizarre behavior in their hosts.
  • 3 "The Host" - Season 2, Episode 2 - Monster
    Mulder finds evidence of a monster living in the New Jersey sewage system. What else is new?
  • 4 "Duane Barry" - Season 2, Episode 5 - Mythology
    The agents encounter a former FBI agent claiming to be an alien abductee. The episode sets up massive series storylines.
  • 5 "Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose" Season 3, Episode 4 - Monster
    Mulder and Scully investigate a series of murders of psychics and fortune tellers, and there's a guy named Clyde Bruckman who looks oddly like Ray Romano's TV dad.
  • 6 "Piper Maru" - Season 3, Episode 15 - Mythology
    The crew of a salvage ship gets a strange illness. But they'll probably be totally fine, right? Wrong! The episode introduces "black oil," which you definitely don't want to mess with.
  • 7 "Home" Season 4, Episode 2 - Monster
    The agents have a run-in with an unusual family of farmers. It is reportedly the only episode to receive a TV-MA rating.
  • 8 "Musings Of A Cigarette Smoking Man" - Season 4, Episode 7 - Mythology
    The Smoking Man might be involved in several historical events. It's like "Forrest Gump" gone bad.
  • 9 "Bad Blood" - Season 5, Episode 12 - Monster
    There's Luke Wilson, a bunch of vampires and it's written by "Breaking Bad" creator Vince Gilligan.
  • 10 "The End" - Season 5, Episode 20 - Mythology
    Mulder might finally find the X-files evidence he needs and live happily ever after. It's a good thing there aren't four more seasons after this, right? Oh, wait ...
  • 11 "The Beginning" - Season 6, Episode 1 - Mythology
    The episode follows the 1998 movie and finds Mulder and Scully on the hunt for a mysterious deadly creature.
  • 12 "Drive" - Season 6, Episode 2 - Monster
    The Vince Gilligan-written episode first introduced the "Breaking Bad" creator to Bryan Cranston. And now the world is a better place.
  • 13 "X-Cops" - Season 7, Episode 12 - Monster
    The TV Mouse
    Mulder and Scully are interviewed for "Cops" during an X-Files investigation. Yessssssss.
  • 14 "Requiem" - Season 7, Episode 22 - Mythology
    Mulder gets abducted by aliens. This marked the end of Duchovny's regular appearances on the show.
  • 15 "Vienen" - Season 8, Episode 18 - Mythology
    Adventure Amigos
    The episode is the final appearance of black oil for a while. That gif is also pretty gross.
  • 16 "The Gift" - Season 8, Episode 11 - Monster/Myth
    Doggett looks into an old case about a "soul-eater." The episode featured a return appearance by Duchovny.
  • 17 "Improbable" - Season 9, Episode 13 - Monster
    The agents investigate a serial killer and Burt Reynolds supposedly plays God (because why not?).
  • 18 "The Truth" - Season 9, Episode 19 & 20 - Mythology
    The episode finally concludes a lot of story arcs while creating a few more we can perhaps look forward to in the reboot.

What's your favorite "X-Files" episode?


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