03/30/2015 02:03 pm ET | Updated Mar 30, 2015

See Frat Stars In Their Native Habitat On This College Gym Safari

Join Tristan de Burgh as he dons a hat and a questionable accent for "College Gym Safari Tour," a Snapchat look at fratstardom. Sightings include a "developing" sophomore male and the rare sight of a bro on the treadmill.

"I like to take my friends on ridiculous adventures," De Burgh explained to The Huffington Post over email. He said he recently graduated from the University of Southern California, where he was a member of the Lamda Chi Alpha fraternity.

De Burgh got the idea for the video tour after seeing one too many "gymspirational" snapchats of his friends working out and chugging protein snakes.

"Clearly I've been watching too much Crocodile Hunter on YouTube," he added.

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