03/30/2015 08:56 am ET

Justin Timberlake & Taylor Swift Had An Adorably Goofy Moment At The iHeartRadio Awards

Kevin Winter via Getty Images


Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift played out a little prank as the cameras rolled at the iHeart Radio Awards on Sunday night. When it was announced that Swift had won the award for Best Lyrics for "Blank Space," it was Timberlake who jumped to his feet, jokingly heading up to the stage to accept the award. And unlike during previous award shows (cough, Kanye), Swift seemed totally on board with JT's little joke. Watch the cute moment here:

PS: When Swift did take the stage, she finally cleared up that whole misheard "Starbucks lovers" lyric in "Blank Space."

"The line is actually got a long list of ex lovers," she smiled as she held up her award.

The more you know!


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