03/31/2015 11:49 am ET

Dunkin' Donuts Wants You To Eat Oreo Cheesecake Squares For Breakfast

Dunkin' Donuts is unveiling a new spring menu this April and it's definitely going to affect your summer beach body. That's because the company wants you to up your morning dessert game and try cheesecake for breakfast. Specifically, Dunkin' Donuts' new Oreo and Raspberry Cheesecake Squares -- because donuts alone weren't unhealthy enough.

Behold, the Squares in all their sugary glory:


Available in April only, Dunkin' says these gluttonous stuffed donut squares are "filled with smooth and creamy cheesecake filling, frosted with white icing and finished with raspberry flavored candy or crumbled Oreo cookies."

The rest of Dunkin's new spring menu is surprisingly more savory than it is sweet. Possibly based on the company's success with its Tomato Mozzarella Supreme Bagel (or pizza bagel, as we like to call it), Dunkin' is trying out a Southwest Supreme Bagel. Described as "a plain bagel topped with melted Colby Jack cheese, corn, black beans, peppers, tomatoes, onions and spices," you can see it pictured below:


Other notable additions to the menu include a Snack 'N Go Steak Wrap and a Pretzel Roll Chicken Sandwich. The Pretzel Roll is breaded chicken with bacon, white cheddar cheese and honey mustard on a pretzel roll and seems like it could either be really good or really gross.


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  • 16 Maple Frosted Pumpkin Donut
    Dunkin' Donuts Burlington, Vermont
    Fake maple overload + fake pumpkin = fake fall nightmare.
  • 15 PEEPS® Donuts
    Sad. Just sad.
  • 14 The Croissant Donut
    Facebook/Dunkin' Donuts
    Because it's definitely not a Cronut™, and because it's way past time that everybody stopped talking about Cronuts™, we have no interest in this one. (Cronuts™ came out in 2013, y'all.)
  • 13 Powdered Cake Donut
    The only powdered doughnuts in our lives are Entenmann's powdered doughnuts. All others are inferior and just create a needless mess.
  • 12 Chocolate Frosted
    Facebook/Dunkin' Donuts
    It's not the best, but it'll do in a pinch or an emergency coffee run when you're hung over, or just putting off work for a few more seconds.
  • 11 Crumb Cake Donut
    Mark Stout via Getty Images
    There's something about that fake crumb topping. Something slightly off-putting, something not quite right, but something that keeps you coming back for more.
  • 10 Glazed Yeast Donut
    Facebook/Dunkin' Donuts
    It's no glazed Krispy Kreme, but it's comforting, complete and we love it for what it is. Please just hold the breakfast sandwich.
  • 9 Strawberry Frosted
    This is childhood.
  • 8 French Cruller
    The fluted shape gives the glaze more surface area to cover the donut and turn it from blasé to brilliant. While the French would absolutely object to this doughnut be classified as "French," if we're stuck at DD's, we'll reach for a French Cruller any day of the week.
  • 7 Glazed Sour Cream Donut
    Jonathan Werve via Getty Images
  • 6 Blueberry Cobbler Donut
    Dunkin' Donut
    It's like if a blueberry muffin and jelly donut had a baby. A beautiful baby.
  • 5 Coffee Roll
    Dunkin' Donuts
    If you haven't had one of these, this is what your breakfast looks like tomorrow.
  • 4 Limited Edition Brownie Batter Donut
    Alison Spiegel
    Valentine's Day doesn't exactly make us jump for joy, but when Dunkin' announced its special V-Day donuts last year, we did a lot of jumping and a lot of eating. We're praying the limited edition Brownie Batter Donuts come back this year, because their filling IS brownie batter -- grainy texture and all.
  • 3 Jelly Donut
    carla lisinski via Getty Images
    It's a classic, and it's so damn good.
  • 2 Boston Kreme Donut
    Boston Kreme Boston Strong. This vanilla custard-filled doughnut covered with chocolate frosting is one for the ages.
  • 1 Double Chocolate Cake Donut
    Dunkin' Donuts
    Chocolate glaze on a chocolate doughnut. You can't get much better than that. This is the perfect Dunkin' donut. Deal with it.