04/01/2015 02:39 pm ET | Updated Apr 01, 2015

15 Times Food And Home Decor Came Together In Perfect Harmony

What happens when you mix a passion for home decor and an obsession with food? Great things, people. Great things.

Turns out, there's an entire industry devoted to serving up delicious-looking decor items that will brighten up any room (or at least make your guests laugh).

Big Mac wallpaper, candy corn shower curtains and burrito body pillows are only the beginning. Take a look at the 15 times food and home decor came together in perfect harmony below.

1. A hamburger bedding set
$80, buy it on Emotional Rainbow here.

2. Big Mac wallpaper from McDonald's
$88, buy it on McDonald's Big Mac Shop here.
big mac

3. Burrito pillow
Learn more at laurenvenell.com.
burrito pillow

4. Pizza bed
Learn more at pizzabed.cool.
pizza bed

5. A sub sandwich wall tapestry
$79, buy it on Society 6 here.

6. Sushi towels
Learn more at ototodesign.com.
sushi pillow

7. A"Parks & Rec" framed art print
$35, buy it on Society6 here.

8. Candy corn shower curtain
$68, buy it on Etsy here.

9. Veggie clock
$30, buy it on Etsy here.

10. Donut throw pillows
$22.86, buy it on Etsy here.

11. Blueberry muffin candles
$5.50, buy it on Keystone Candle Company here.

12. Giant pickle body pillow.
$115, buy it on Etsy here.

13. Ice cream lamp
$19.41, buy it on Etsy here.

14. Pineapple To-Go Sipper Cup
$8, buy it on Urban Outfitters here.

15. Macaron magnets
$19.90, buy it on Etsy here.

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