04/07/2015 02:53 pm ET | Updated Apr 08, 2015

See The First Photos Of Ryan Reynolds On The 'Deadpool' Set

The first photos of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool/ Wade Wilson -- with and without his mask -- have arrived and are reprinted below (obviously). If you prefer not to see any "Deadpool" spoilers, now is your chance to close this tab.

We've seen photos of Reynolds in the Deadpool costume before, but new pictures show him (and his stunt double) filming on set in Vancouver.



Fans will know that Deadpool's origins begin with his superhuman healing powers, but while he was getting superhero gene therapy, he also had cancer, which had a funky reaction with the super power. He was left with horrific scars, which can be seen on Reynolds' body and face, beneath the mask.

ryan reynolds

"Deadpool" is set for release on February 2016.


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